Regulated Renters' Rights Shareholders Need to Know

Think you don’t need the services of that 24-hour doorman in your co-op anymore? Better check with the rent stabilized tenants with whom you share the building. Chances are their leases provide protection against the elimination of building services.

With the diverse status of occupants residing in co-ops or condos, including those who are rent regulated (either under controls or stabilization), shareholders, as well as tenants of shareholders, it’s easy for confusion to arise regarding who is entitled to what. Shareholders and owners commonly face opposition from tenants who feel their "rights" are being violated. So what exactly are the rights of people still covered by rent control and rent stabilization? And what are the legal ways to deregulate these apartments?

Who is Covered by Rent Regulations?

Rent control applies to buildings constructed before 1947, dating back to the housing shortage following World War II, when New York City was unable to meet the housing needs of an influx of workers. For an apartment to be under rent control, the tenant must have been living in that apartment continuously since before July 1, 1971, or must be an eligible successor.

Rent control operates under the Maximum Base Rent (MBR) system. MBR is established for each apartment and adjusted every two years to reflect costs of operation. Owners may increase rent up to 7.5 percent each year until the MBR is reached.


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  • Need advise in reference to what are my right has a tenant in a coop building? My main concern is increase in rent. At the moment a pay $351.52 per month but they want to increase my rent to $600.00 to $750.00 per month. Can you help with this matter? Thank you hope to hear from you soon.
  • The owner of the shares of my rent stabilized apartment; has defaulted on his maintenance. What can I expect to happen next? I have been a tenant; in this building for 29 years. Will ownership return to the building management company? Will my lease renewal (current lease ends on July 31. still be offered as required by law? Please advice.
  • i live in a coop in ny every time i turn around there is another raise only since we have a new president on the board.i am living here for over 18years and within the past year alone there has been about three raises.what governs the coop to keep raising our maintance and what protects us as cooperaters?is this aloud whenever they wish to raise or is there a certain amount of time-lot?what protection do we have?
  • our brownstown in Park slope was bought by a new owner the old landlord will not leave so therefore a marshall is coming in 5 days. Our apartment is rent stabilized - 63yrold tenant lives in the apartment for 43yrs can the new owner have the sheriff/Marshall evict us..we received notices in 5 days we will be evicted. Need advice!
  • I am a rent stabil. tenant in a co-op. Our landlord is the owner of the unsold shares. When I request repairs, I am told by the supt. that, according to the managing agent, I am to contact the landlord. I don't think I should have to. He does repairs for the shareholders, for which they may be charged. Prior to the conversion, if we needed repairs we reported them to the supt. who dealt with them. I think I still should be able to go that route. Please advise.
  • I rented a rent stabilized apt. in a non primary residence. Can the landlord deregulate the apt. because it is not a primary residence
  • Under an eviction plan, if the sponsor evicts the tenants after the 3 year period is he allowed to rent those units again or is he obligated to sell? Does he have the right to rent without board approval?
  • I live in Cobble Hills in Brooklyn and our building is going through non-eviction condo conversion. Can the landlord or sponsor raise our rent for major capital improvements even if the building converts, or does the sponsor pay the share of maintenance costs for the tenants that prefer to stay in their rent stabilized apartments?
  • Each apartment in a Bronxville,NY co-op is provided one parking space.The co-op board has refused parking to me the renter. Is this legal?
  • Would like to know if a rent stabilized renter must follow the house rules of a coop in NYC? The coop is not reducing services already established? And can you please also include the law/clause your answer was based on. Thank you,
  • anonymous to avoid further harassment on Sunday, June 21, 2015 7:12 PM
    What is the liability of the Co-op Board in total and the individual co-op board members for depriving tenants' of long-held legal services and for intercepting these, injuring renters, harassing renters on a regular basis? What kinds of legal redress do tenents have to teach tyrannical co-op members to obey the laws and, in addition to monetary assessment against them, can they receive jail time for harassment?