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April 2015, Vol 34, No 4

The April 2015 issue of The Cooperator newspaper focuses on Landscaping & Curb Appeal/Expo

In this issue, you can read about Going Green by Design, Tree Planning and Care, and You Can't Plant That Here

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News Briefs

  • 5.20.2015 Million-dollar condo owner allegedly running illegal bed-and-breakfast An East Side condo board is suing the owner of a two-bedroom apartment with a sprawling balcony who allegedly makes his unit available to guests paying up to $200,000 for six weeks. [New York Post]
  • 5.14.2015 Addressing Short-Term Rentals by Cooperative Shareholders A battle over property rights has heated up lately, and New York City cooperatives are in the middle of it. On one side are owners of cooperative apartments who believe they should be able to let others use their apartments—their property—for short periods of time, charging them whatever the market will bear. [New York Law Journal]
  • 5.5.2015 Habitat for Humanity plans Bronx Co-op Habitat for Humanity is building a 60-unit apartment building in the Bronx, its biggest project in the US in terms of units. [ via The AP]
  • 4.22.2015 Overstaying Their Welcome In the latest legal tussle over short-term rentals, a landlord sues a tenant for renting out a $1,000-a-month apartment—for up to $450 a night. [NY Observer]
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