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March 2015, Vol 35, No 3

The March 2015 issue of The Cooperator newspaper focuses on Board Operations

In this issue, you can read about From Outside In, Understanding Local Law 11, A Clear View and Heavy Metal

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News Briefs

  • 4.22.2015 Overstaying Their Welcome In the latest legal tussle over short-term rentals, a landlord sues a tenant for renting out a $1,000-a-month apartment—for up to $450 a night. [NY Observer]
  • 4.16.2015 '30 Rock' director lists luxe co-op The Alwyn Court co-op owned by TV/film director Adam Bernstein and his actress wife, Jessica Hecht, is now on the market. [NY Post]
  • 3.29.2015 Condo board fumes over trust-funder's 'pot smoke' A 27-year-old trust-funder is smoking out the neighbors of her ritzy Chelsea condo by sending constant plumes of pot throughout the building, the board complains in a new lawsuit. [NY Post]
  • 3.19.2015 How to Get a Mortgage on a Co-op or Condo in New York Cooperative buildings, better known as co-ops, are abundant in New York’s five boroughs but are far less common in other cities. In a co-op building, buyers purchase a share of the entire property and co-own it with fellow residents. With a condo, the buyer purchases the real property. [Wall Street Journal]
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