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Board Operations
Boards and the Law 1 By Jonathan Barnes

Having an apathetic, uncommunicative board is a big issue in many buildings and associations, but the opposite situation—a board that oversteps its authority—can be just as problematic. When a board does something it shoul…

Board Operations
Managing Smaller Buildings By David Jones

One of fastest growing segments in New York area real estate is the increased popularity of boutique condos and co-ops. According to data, there are about 5,000 condo or co-op buildings across the city that ha…

Board Operations
Home Sweet Home By Anne Childers

The concept of high-rise living—people on top of each other—or across a privacy fence in condo living, doesn’t automatically equate to a sense of community; in fact, the close proximity sometimes has opposite effect.…

Board Operations
Vendor Relationships By Keith Loria

Frequently, there are needs for repairs, replacements, services, cleanings, or renovations; thus, service vendors are necessary trade professionals for condo or association boards. Carmelo Milio, the president and director of propert…

Board Operations
How to Be a Great Board Member 3 By Danielle Braff

Often, the best, most successful boards and communities share the same combination of habits and traits; all the while, the worst, least successful boards and communities share the same habits and traits, as well. Case in point: the…

Board Operations
You Want To See What? 1 By Liz Lent

Big purchases come with big reams of’s frustrating, but a fact of life. For co-op shareholders and condo owners, that concept can equate to hundreds of pages of documents outlining everything from the financial s…

Board Operations
The ABCs of Municipal Government By Keith Loria

You may live in the most well-run and self-sufficient building in the city, but no building is an island, not even in developments from the sprawling Stuyvesant Town- Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan to Co-op City in the Bronx to t…

Board Operations
Keeping the Beat By Mike Odenthal

In any co-op or condo association, as with any decision-making body, meetings are essential for influencers to gather and make choices that best represent the interests of their communities.

However, these meetings do not…

Board Operations
Property Management Contracts By Danielle Braff

Any New York building of significant size needs a professional building manager in order to function from day-to-day, and even smaller buildings often need some help from a management company. Before any management company is hired, …

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