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Law & Legislation
Shut Up, New York! By Wesley Strickland

During a recent news conference about noise pollution, Michael Horodniceanu—the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s president of capital construction—had to shout in order to be heard while speaking at a Second Avenue construction …

Law & Legislation
Reducing Risks By Elizabeth Lent

For co-ops, condos, and HOAs, insurance premiums are some of those quiet necessities that tend to fly under the budgetary radar until it is time to examine the bottom line, provoking a search for savings.

Without a doubt,…

Law & Legislation
The Co-op as Legal Entity By Steven Cutler

Rare in all but a few cities around the country, residential co-ops are by far the most prevalent type of owner-occupied apartment in New York City, outnumbering condos by 3-1 by some estimates.

According to a study commi…

Law & Legislation
2015-16 Legislative Update By Raanan Geberer

The 2015-16 New York State Legislative season is here, and on the table are many housing-related bills, many of which directly impact co-op and condo board members, managers and residents. Housing is also on the agenda in the New Yor…

Law & Legislation
Avoiding Litigation 1 By Liz Lent

With dozens and sometimes hundreds of people living in a community governed by neighbors, acquaintances and friends, it should be no surprise that disputes can happen in co-op and condo buildings. The possibility of disagreements amo…

Law & Legislation
You Must Be New Here By Lisa Iannucci

Every relationship starts the same way—people getting to know each other and moving into a new condo or co-op is no different. It’s actually a lot like moving into a new town; there are new neighbors, new rules and new co…

Law & Legislation
Precedent-Setting Legal Cases By Elizabeth Kaufman

Condo and co-op communities are governed by an array of legal mechanisms, including state and local laws and the community's own governing documents. Governing documents such as the proprietary lease, condo declaration, bylaws, and h…

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