Category: Finance

0 A Clear View

Windows can dramatically change any space, from transforming a tiny kitchen into a front row seat to a glorious skyline to morphing a standard upstairs bedroom int…

1 Keeping the Books

Think back to when you were younger and got your first job. You worked your hours—perhaps flipping burgers, taking orders or cutting the grass—and then …

0 Predatory Lending

Matters of finance are difficult enough without the added stress of worrying about whether that deal you thought might be too good to be true is—in fact&mdash…

0 Worst-Case Scenarios

You always want to feel safe in your home, but as the past few years have proven, you never know when a major calamity or weather disaster is going to strike. Whil…

1 Dollars & Sense

Even before the economic meltdown and the media storm swirling around the thievery of money men like Bernie Madoff, financial mismanagement and fraud have been des…

0 STAR on the Rise

If you own a co-op or a condo, it goes without saying that you want to make sure you get all the tax credits and abatements available to you. One of the most impor…

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