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Roosevelt Island By Debra A. Estock

Named after the 32nd president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Roosevelt Island is a narrow island sitting in the middle of New York City's East River. It lies between Manhattan Island to the west and the borough of Queens on Long Island to…

Manhattan’s North of Madison By Christy Smith-Sloman

New York City's NoMad [North of Madison Square Park] neighborhood has always flown under the radar, but recently the area has exploded in popularity among New York City's elite.
Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and her f…

Brooklyn’s Sunset Park 1 By Debra A. Estock

Known for its Romanesque and Renaissance Revival architecture, Sunset Park, part of the western section of Brooklyn, also is known for another architectural first. The neighborhood is home to the city’s first Finnish cooperativ…

Bushwick, Brooklyn By Christy Smith-Sloman

Kale pizza, street art (don’t call it graffiti— instead think eye-popping, colorful murals, like Danielle Mastrioni’s ode to late rapper Biggie Smalls), hour-long waits at the newest, hottest restaurants and soaring …

Howard Beach, New York By Christy Smith-Sloman

When most New Yorkers think of Howard Beach they think of the AirTrain station that connects it to neighboring JFK Airport, a few widely publicized racial incidents and the neighborhood being home to more than a few organized crime …

Elmhurst, Queens By Liam Cusack

One of the most beloved New York characters in sitcom TV, Carroll O’Connor, the actor that played the cantankerous Archie Bunker, grew up in this section of Queens that came to signify a quintessential middle income, working cl…

Jackson Heights, Queens By Debra A. Estock

Jackson Heights, Queens is home to residents from more than 70 countries speaking more than 40 languages. A truly international community, it is a community in every sense of the word. It’s not unusual to see a Peruvian shop ow…

Washington Heights By Enjolie Esteve

Manhattan dwellers desperate for a break from the constant buzzing of frenetic energy that surrounds the city—or just a little bit of elbow room—often look to Northern Manhattan as an escape from it all.

Sure, …

Uptown in Inwood By Christy Smith-Sloman

 While it remains under the radar, Inwood is a hidden gem that continues to  attract an increasing number of musicians, actors, artists and young  professionals in search of affordable housing and a vibe of being away …

Long Island City By Christy Smith-Sloman

 When you think of Jersey mobster Tony Soprano, fashionista Carrie Bradshaw,  perpetual food-stained clothes wearer Liz Lemon, neurotic, scatterbrained  Hannah Horvath and socialite Serena van der Woodsen, Long Island …

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