Altering Your Apartment Coping with Renovation Challenges

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone completed renovations on time? Reducing the time the construction process takes in a cooperative or condominium building benefits everyone. The renovators are able to occupy their apartments sooner, which can result in substantial savings; neighbors are not unduly inconvenienced; and the anxiety levels of the building's board of directors, managing agent and staff are considerably reduced. If the renovation of a private home is not well thought out, it usually affects only the homeowner and the contractor. But a poorly planned and poorly executed apartment renovation can affect everyone in the building.

Timely Completion, Minimum Disruption

The boards of directors can minimize the disruption and inconvenience caused by apartment renovations by educating their residentsthose challenges make to think their renovations through in advance, to prepare proper specifications, to understand the bidding process, to understand proper project management and timelines, and to plan for contingencies.

The key to any successful project is careful planning, superior communication, great timing and an ability to think on one's feet.

Often when people submit plans to a board for approval, few if any decisions have been made other than those shown directly on the plans. But there are hundreds of decisions concerning the selection of appliances, fixtures, fittings, cabinets, finishes, hardware and millwork and the placement of furniture that can significantly affect the timing of the project.

One example in which careful advance planning benefits everyone is in the area of electrical work.


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