Authorities Crack Down on 2 Illegal Condo Conversions Report: Owners Allegedly Split Apartments Into Smaller Units


Two Manhattan condo owners who allegedly converted their apartments into illegal micro-units are now in hot water.

The New York Post reported about one owner at 165 Henry Street on the Lower East Side who is accused of transforming his 634-square-foot condo into a duplex of 11 smaller units. Nine people were reportedly living in the tiny, windowless units; the condo, owned by Xue Ping Ni, also contained an illegal bathroom, according to inspectors.

Apparently space was so tight inside the micro-units (the ceilings were only 4.5 feet high), that bubble wrap was placed so that the tenants wouldn't hit themselves on the low-hanging pipes.

Buildings Department inspectors conducted a raid of the condo last Thursday following a complaint via the 311 hotline, according to residents and officials. It is unclear how much the tenants, who relocated from the apartment, were paying in rent,.

Ni was fined over $144,000 for not having sprinklers or the proper electrical and plumbing permits, reported the Post. He was not available when the paper tried to reach out to him for a comment.


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