Buildings Meet Services at the Expo The Cooperator’s Co-op & Condo Expo, April 8, 2014

The Expo, now in its 27th year of providing information and networking to board members, property managers and real estate professionals will return to the New York Hilton on April 8, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Not only is this one day event offered for FREE, Yale Robbins Publications, LLC, the parent company of The Cooperator, will again offer board members attending the 2014 show a chance to enter into a drawing to win $3,500 for their building’s reserve fund.

Board president Edna Winslow won the 2013 grand prize for her Bayside, Queens cooperative and Shoreview Owners Corp. building reserve fund.

Winslow, who won on behalf of her board and Gabriel Management, said the $3,500 really came in handy to deal with a security problem the co-op was having. “We have already used a portion of the reserve money to install a gate as a deterrent for trespassers, which blocks access to our garage roof. Shareholders that reside on the first floor are extremely pleased with the gate because of the added security,” she said.

Other uses for the money are in the works, she added. “We are undertaking the renovating of both elevators (we have two buildings located at the property), which should commence in March depending on the weather.” She noted that the co-op also plans to install new and higher fencing on the property.


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