Conservation Tips And Green Myths

The buzz about green buildings and energy conservation is so loud you just can't shut your ears to it. And why should you? We are being inundated with information on how to make our buildings and our lives greener. Even if your building can't afford an entire 'green' makeover, there are easy, cost-effective strategies that both boards and residents can implement to save money and energy.

Get Motivated!

Want your residents to become greener and more energy efficient? Motivate them, says Thomas Kostigen, co-author of The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Timewith Elizabeth Rogers (Three Rivers Press).

"Make residents aware of what they are already doing that's environmentally-friendly (such as recycling)," says Kostigen. "And don't make them feel guilty about what they are not doing."

In Los Angeles, Mozaic apartments, owned and managed by Lincoln Property Company, have sparked their residents to make more earth-friendly changes by providing a kick start—giving every resident a compact fluorescent light bulb. It's a start!

You can also start a 'green' tips section of any newsletter that your building may distribute, or on your website. Provide residents with the basic information they need and they will be more willing to make some changes.


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  • Lisa Iannucci writes in this well written article. "Unfortunately, many people also equate being 'green' with spending more green, something not all residents will be able to afford." NOT TRUE! There is an AFFORDABLE green business in the South Bronx that sells new and salvaged building materials (tiles, toilets, sinks, doors and even fireplaces) for up 75% of the original cost. ReBuilders Source, located at 461 Timpson Place in the South Bronx, is a worker owned cooperative business dedicated to keeping salvagable items out of the landfill and providing them a second life by selling them to the public, contractors and property managers.
  • glad to hear about another business that is helping to make being green more affordable.
  • "Great conservation tips you have shared with us. I have some Summer Tips. Utilize an outside clothesline to dry your garments. Keep your air conditioner set at 25 degrees or higher. Turn your air conditioner set off in the event that you're leaving home for more than 24 hours. Determine your air conditioner's filter channel is clean. Think about introducing a top side fan in place of air conditioner. Shut your blinds throughout the day to anticipate unwanted warming from the sun. Don't utilize heat-producing appliances throughout the most sizzling part of the day."