Cutting Heating Costs Energy-Saving Tips for Steam Customers

 As winter looms, property owners can cut costs and save on their heating bills  with preventive maintenance and upgrades to their steam systems. Here are some  suggestions for savings from Con Edison.  

 Optimize Steam Piping System

 One simple solution is installing insulation on distribution piping, valves, and  fittings. In most buildings piping is generally well insulated. However, some sites have  pipe runs, mechanical fittings, and valve bodies that are bare because of  access to fittings, valves, traps and unions, need for movement (such as at  valve bonnets) or because insulation was not restored after maintenance.  

 On valves and fittings removable insulation jackets provide a practical  solution. They are ordered to specific sizes and patterns, strap into place and  are easily removed and replaced. For stationary pipes, or areas that don’t need to be accessed, more permanent insulation may be installed. Overall  un-insulated components result in energy waste as it heats unoccupied basement  spaces.  

 Another way to save steam energy is repairing leaks, potentially the source of  significant waste. Leaks are most often found at pipe junctions, fittings, or in valves. The leaks  may be due to a leaking gasket or loose connection, or maybe, even a pinhole.  


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