Hiring Staff Choosing the Best People for the Job

Working for any sort of multifamily community–whether it’s a condo, co-op, HOA or rental–requires a certain amount of skill and training. After all, staffers carry out many duties, and often have access to residents’ property and personal information. 

That’s why managing agents have to be very careful in the hiring process, which must include screening to weed out people with unacceptable criminal histories, spotty employment records, or other personal issues that would compromise their ability to do their job successfully. 

Filling the Roster

Who these employees are depends on the size of the community in question. In a small building, they mainly consist of superintendents. In larger or more upscale buildings, doormen may be involved. And in large multi-unit developments, there may be entire staffs of maintenance men, groundskeepers, and in some cases on-site security personnel.

Conventional methods, such as online job posting sites, are often used to attract candidates for on-site co-op/condo jobs. But other times, managers network with each other. Margie Russell, Executive Director of the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM), says that there are several organizations of apartment managers that maintain databases of resumes available to building management. Sometimes, managers also ask vendors for referrals.

Regardless of how an applicant arrives at a building or management company, there are several tools that managing agents use for screening prospective employees. Among them are credit reports, criminal background checks and drug testing, reference checks, verification of applicants eligibility to work legally in the U.S., and of course the interview. 


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