It's More than Just Keeping the Water Blue Pool Maintenance

It’s a scorching 92 degrees in Manhattan and many city-dwellers are dreading the traffic-filled ride to the beach or the long bus or rail commute to the Hamptons. But for some lucky co-op and condo owners, relief—in the form of an in-house swimming pool—is just steps away.

A swimming pool is a rare and valuable amenity for any residential building, and a real treat in the summer—just ask the residents of 325 Fifth Avenue, or those living in the condo at 10 West Avenue or those lucky enough to go swimming each day at The Towers at Water’s Edge, a private waterfront community in the upscale Bay Terrace neighborhood of Bayside, Queens.

New Luxury

Over the past few years, there has been a boom in private swimming pools in New York City, as more and more luxury condominium developments include a pool in their design. Twenty years ago, these pools were mostly on rooftops—but today’s developers have learned that the real estate up there is put to much more profitable use by creating penthouses, so the majority of pools are now built indoors.

“Health clubs with pools are the biggest sellers these days, so of all the new condominiums going up, I would say 80 percent or more have pools,” says Don Amblo, vice president of operations for American Leisure in Nanuet, which services close to 70 pools in New York City.

Maintaining a safe, sanitary, and attractive pool area is no small undertaking. You can’t just have your super get out a vacuum and net and clean the pool himself. Depending on the size of your pool, your building may need a full pool staff to run the facility (and often the health club, sauna and steam room as well) and make sure that everything is up to code and in top shape for your residents.


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  • I live in a co-op in nyc. I slipped and fell into our outdoor pool and hit the top of my foot on the lip of the pool( immediate 12-14 inches of the perimeter surrounding the pool). I got a staph infection as a result of the impact and had to have an operation on as a result. I found out that this perimeter is cleaned only once, at the beginning of the season usually about May 15th. The accident happened on June 25th. Is there any code as to the cleaning of this area? The co-op has 1800 apartments. We hire our own lifeguards, kids going to school who provide the maintanance of the water chemicals but nothing elseI copied the following from this article".When it comes to day-to-day pool care, a building super will have some responsibility, but not much. Generally they are responsible for the heavy cleaning of the health club area itself and the areas immediately surrounding the pool".I want to propose to the Board that we use an outside contractor to maintain the pool.
  • Public Health Law Section 225 Part 6-1.2 (o) Homeowner swimming pool means a swimming pool owned and operated by a condominium (i.e., property subject to the Article 9-B of the Real Property Law, also known as the Condominium Act), a property commonly known as a cooperative, in which the property is owned or leased by a corporation, the stockholders of which are entitled, solely by reason of their ownership of stock in the corporation, and occupy apartments for dwelling purposes, provided an "offering statement" or "prospectus" has been filed with the Department of Law, or an incorporated or unincorporated property association, all of whose members own residential property in a fixed or defined geographical area with deeded rights to use, with similarly situated owners, a defined swimming pool, provided such swimming pool is used exclusively by members of the condominium, cooperative apartment project or corporation or association, and their family and friends. Part 6-1.23 Supervision. (a) Personnel. The requirements of this subdivision do not apply to pools described in Section 6-1.2(o) of this Subpart. The law does not require lifeguards at homeowner/condo/co-op pools in NY.
  • WOuld the same exclusion for homeowners associations apply to hotels or to private clubs? They never seem to have lifeguards.