It's Worth the Effort Creating a Good Impression

We’ve all heard that “first impressions are important” when meeting people; so too with buildings. A potential buyer’s or visitor’s first impression often determines their opinion of the building and its apartments and has a dramatic impact on their decision to buy or rent. At Cooper Square Realty, we call it “curb appeal.”

While our initial definition of “curb appeal” applied to the physical aspects of a property, it has evolved to include much more. Today, “curb appeal,” the amenities and quality of life a building provides, is the most significant factor a board and residents control in determining the value of apartments.

Whether or not people are conscious of the various factors involved in their first impression, appearances plan an important role. The sidewalks and curbs should be clean and in good condition and the landscaping attractive and groomed. The awning should be in good condition without tears or the address faded. All these make an immediate impression.

In the lobby, are the doormen nicely dressed or looking a bit disheveled with torn uniforms and are they wearing their hats? Did the doorman promptly open the door and have a proper, friendly greeting, or did he barely get to the door and seem disinterested in the visitor? It’s amazing the significant impact a doorman has.

Is there a computer at the front desk, or is the desk littered with Post-It-Notes? Does the doorman call up to announce visitors or just permit them to go unannounced? Today, with computers so readily in use, it is increasingly common to have systems to track messages, deliveries and visitors, eliminating the need for handwritten notes, increasing efficiency and creating permanent records.


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