Judge: Condo Building Can Dump 'Trump' Name 200 Riverside Boulevard Could Be the Latest Property to Drop the Brand

By Jim.henderson, from Wikimedia Commons

Another New York City building could be next in a line of properties that have recently extricated themselves of the Trump name following the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency in 2016.

Crain's New York Business reported that New York state Judge Eileen Bransten ruled on May 3 that condo building Trump Place at 200 Riverside Blvd., on the Upper West Side, could remove the Trump sign from its facade. This followed a previous lawsuit filed by the building's condo board asking the court if such a move was legal. 

With this latest legal decision, the owners at 200 Riverside can now vote on whether to carry out the name removal.

Trump Place was built in 1998; two years later, the building entered a licensing deal in which it would carry the Trump name and pay $1 in perpetuity, according to Crain's. The agreement, said The New York Times, described Donald Trump as a “worldwide renowned builder and developer of real estate who enjoys the highest reputation in these fields among others.”

In 2017, about 63 percent of the residents at Trump Place favored the name change, four percentage points short of the needed 67 percent to carry out the move.


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