Laundry Room Maintenance It’s a Wash

Can you imagine living in a co-op or condo that doesn’t have a laundry room? These days, having on-site laundry facilities for residents isn’t an amenity – it’s a necessity, and keeping yours functional and well-maintained is just as important as keeping the boiler or elevators running. 

Nearly all multifamily laundry rooms are managed and maintained by outside laundry contractors – they take care of the machines, service them when necessary, and collect the money from the machines. 

“In the past, the machines were quite simple,” says Daniel Schwartz, vice president of the Union, New Jersey-based Fowler Laundry Solutions. “There were no computers, and everything was basically manual.”

No More Quarters

My, how times have changed! Recent years have seen a lot of improvement and innovation in how all these tasks are managed. Thanks to the advent of computerized washers and dryers, as well as Internet-connected equipment and notification systems, the tedious search for quarters and traipsing back and forth to the basement to check the status of clothes is thankfully, a thing of the past. 

“It’s no longer a coin business,” says Barry Heller of Hercules Corp., a laundry room outsource provider in Hicksville. “It’s all smart cards, a rechargeable card that residents keep in their wallet.” 


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