Lawsuit: Condo Building Is Charging a Fee Before Library Can Renovate The Move Could Hamper Construction

The Mid-Manhattan Library (By Beyond My Ken, via Wikimedia Commons)

The New York Public Library is calling out a nearby condo building for imposing a $15,000-a-month fee that could hamper the library's renovation of its Mid-Manhattan branch, the New York Post reported yesterday.

According to the story, the owners at 445 Fifth Avenue, which is near the Mid-Manhattan branch, is reportedly not allowing scaffolding and other equipment to be installed unless the fee is paid. That is what the nonprofit New York Public Library accused the building of doing in a lawsuit filed at Manhattan Supreme Court.

The library also said that the condo building is attempting to limit the number of hours (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays) when the renovation can take place,.

As quoted in Curbed, the New York Public Library said in the suit that the “imposition of a license fee is unjustified, not only because it is not required by the law, but because the fee would be required to be paid by a not-for-profit organization whose core mission and purpose is to provide books, education resources and programs for the people of New York City.”

The library also said that “any project delays would deprive the public of this much-needed addition to New York City’s public library system, and would divert funds from other important library projects.” 


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