Regulating Boiler Repairs Is Your Welder Certified?

You probably don't think about your building's boiler very often. As long as it provides heat and

hot water, it's pretty much out-of-sight, out-of-mind. And when the boiler does need repair, you probably depend on your management company to make the arrangements and then report back that the repair has been done and at what cost. But, these days, there's a lot more to boiler repair than meets the eye. An interesting little drama is unfolding around the city's recent adoption of a state code regarding welded boiler repairssomething called an R-Stampand what local boiler repair companies are doing (or not doing) to comply with it.

The law governing welded boiler repairs is clear. According to New York State code rule 4, subpart 4-6 (Installations, Repairs and Replacements of Low Pressure Heating System Boilers), section 4-6.2: Patch and welding repairs shall be performed in accordance with subpart 14-3 of industrial code rule 14. This code states, Repairs to boilers shall be performed by an organization in possession of a valid National Board or New York State Repair Certificate of Authorization and/or of a valid ASME [American Society of Mechanical Engineers] Certificate of Authorization.

This law has been on the state's books for at least a decade, but it wasn't until last year that the city included it in the New York City Charter and Administrative Code for the purpose of enforcement. Although New York City is subject to statewide rules and regulations, the city, because of its size, is considered a separate municipality in some cases, and so was entitled to write its own boiler welding repair code.

The only requirement was that the city's code be at least as stringent as the state's. Effective July 1996 the city code, adopted by the Department of Buildings, now requires that, All low pressure boiler welding repairs shall be performed by certified welders, as required by the New York State Industrial Code Rules..., and, The failure to comply with requirements relating to boiler inspections and welding repairs may result in the issuance of a notice of violation and related enforcement proceedings.


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  • victor parke approved boiler inc on Monday, May 30, 2011 9:12 PM
    nyc have done nothing to stop underground welding in the city we lost job ever week to company without r stamp and insurance landlords love cheap repair until something happen they approved boiler too late most time
  • how does a cert. welder get r stamp that cost x amount dollars an does not do that much repair. i can do the work by specks an a lot cheaper its to much political b s to keep the small man out.
  • I need a boiler welding company to make repairs too boiler