Renovations Without Headaches Four Phases to Success

Construction projects can certainly be traumatic but the difficulties inherent in residential renovation projects could be substantially minimized with professional oversight from a construction management firm.

Using a CM in Your Renovation Project

To date, the use of construction managers in individual residential renovation projects is rare. This trend is changing, however, in response to an unmet need. Few examples exist of residential renovation projects that proceeded smoothly from start to finish. While no job is 100 percent problem-free, co-op and condo owners can spare themselves the headaches of daily involvement in a major interior renovation project by delegating the direction of the renovation project to a construction management firm whose function is primarily one of quality control.

With or without a construction manager, the steps presented below will facilitate your interior renovation project and enhance the likelihood of success.

Four Phases to Success

All interior renovation projects progress through four phases: conception, planning, execution and close-out. As one might expect, most problems occur during the execution phase, giving rise to the greatest need for vigilance and oversight. Nevertheless, meticulous attention to detail during phases one and two also contribute significantly to a successful outcome.

Conception and Planning

Jobs progress more smoothly when you as the apartment owner know what you want and can articulate your wishes clearly. A simple bathroom renovation can serve as an example. Do you wish to replace old appliances, add additional storage, or perhaps a bidet, a second sink, or a sauna? Considering all possibilities and fully conceptualizing and planning the project before physical work begins prevents subsequent modifications that inevitably involve costly change orders and frustrating delays.


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