Revolutionary Laundry Rooms Convenience, Safety and Ecology Are Considered

Forget the dark, dingy room with uncomfortable chairs and crummy machines. Never mind running down

to the laundry room with an armload of clothes to find that all the machines are in use. Those days are over. Imagine a laundry room that is well lit, has a library, couches to lounge on and even exercise equipment. There is no need to scrounge around for quarters thanks to the development of debit cards, and you can find out if any machines are available or if your laundry is done simply by dialing the phone.

Laundry rooms are not what they used to be, according to Mitch Blatt of Coinmach, a laundry service provider based in Roslyn, New York. I've seen a transformation from cement block walls to beautiful rooms. The laundry environment has been made more comfortable. There are laundry rooms that have a library and a television set to watch. Your typical laundry room is turning into a social center. Because of the nice environment, people want to use the machines in the building, which can help bring in revenue, Blatt says.

It makes the boards happy because they can negotiate what they want in a laundry room and it can make money for them, states Denise Savino, vice president of Automatic Industries, a professional laundry company based on Long Island. People want to be in an attractive environment, even if it is doing laundry. It will make people want to use the equipment.

A nice laundry room is a great amenity, says Stuart Litwin, president of Gordon & Thomas, a laundry company based in New Jersey. At one building we took an existing laundry facility and combined it with the health facility. Now people like coming down there. It's a great social setting and people like using the machines.


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