The Cooperator Events Presents: Getting What's Due - Collecting Maintenance & Common Charge Arrears During the Pandemic A Virtual Town Hall Sponsored by Schneider Buchel LLP

The Cooperator Events Presents a Virtual Town Hall: Getting What's Due - Collecting Maintenance & Common Charge Arrears During the Pandemic. Sponsored by Schneider Buchel LLP. 

Tuesday October 13, 2020 2:00 PM EST


COVID-19 has had a profound impact on nearly every aspect of daily life in co-op, condo and homeowners association communities - including the ability of many shareholders, unit owners, and commercial tenants to pay their monthly fees and rent. These arrearages have resulted in maintenance and cash flow issues, and put boards in the difficult position of wanting to help their neighbors while at the same time upholding their fiduciary duty to the community as a whole. This timely webinar will explain the different rules for co-ops and condominiums and home owners associations when it comes to collections; update attendees on the current status of eviction moratoriums and other legislative developments; and offer expert guidance on handling late fees, arrears, payment plans as well as offer strategies for collecting the monies your community association is entitled to and needs in order to pay its bills.


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