The Heights of Brooklyn Heights Leisure, Literatire and Love

 Perched on the East River waterfront and offering up stunning views of the  Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn  Heights is the borough’s most expensive neighborhood and attracts tourists by the busload.  

 The scenic neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets, well-manicured  public parks, and picturesque rows of stately brownstones and Greek and Gothic  revival houses. The promenade, considered by many to be one the most romantic  spots in New York City, is a favorite destination for tourists, joggers,  strollers and weddings. The one-third of a mile long pier has popped up in the feature films Annie Hall  and Moonstruck.  

 Located directly across the East River from Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights is  bordered by Atlantic Avenue to the south, Cadman Park and Court Street to the  east, the East River to the west, and Old Fulton Street to the north. This tony  enclave has long been a haven for a number of New York’s most elite residents, notable personalities and literary figures.  

 Brooklyn Heights was also the first neighborhood protected by the 1965 Landmarks  Preservation Law of New York City. Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims and our Lady  of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Cathedral are also located in Brooklyn Heights.  

 Early History

 When Thomas Fulton introduced the steam ferry in 1814 many considered Brooklyn  Heights to be New York’s first commuter town with the ferry providing daily, reliable service from  Brooklyn Heights to Wall Street.  


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