Welcome to the 23rd Annual Co-op & Condo Expo A Learning Experience

 Finally, the big day has arrived: it's The Cooperator's 23rd annual Co-op & Condo Expo. Yale Robbins, Inc. and The Cooperator welcome you again to the  Hilton New York for the biggest, most all-inclusive trade show of the year.  Since it's founding nearly a quarter-century ago, The Expo has grown by leaps  and bounds and distinguished itself as the premier event of its type in the  region. Board members, managing agents, and residents from thousands of  buildings across the city make the Expo a must-see event on their annual  calendar.  

 In addition to the thousands of attendees, hundreds of vendors and service  providers are also converged at the Hilton – not merely to gain exposure, but to share their advice and years of expertise.  This year, there will be nearly 300 exhibitors offering assistance and expert  advice in the areas of building management, maintenance, insurance, security,  energy and countless other services that help address the diverse, evolving  needs of the co-op and condo community.  

 The More You Know...

 Education and information exchange is a cornerstone of the Expo, and 2010 is no  exception. This year, show-goers will also be able to choose from among an  exciting roster of seminars exploring an array of timely topics.  

 From 10-11 a.m., Mark and Roberta Simon of Brooklyn Carpet Exchange join with TV  personality and designer Cathy Hobbs to present “Renewing Lobbies & Corridors to Maximize Sales.” A well-appointed lobby or corridor creates "curb appeal" for any co-op or  condo, particularly in a competitive buyer's market. These lobby renewal and  design experts will tell you how you can spruce up your tired common areas to  boost appeal and value.  

 From 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m., Christopher Levendos, Andrew Perdek, and Elizabeth  Southard of Verizon will explore “The Future is Now: Technology Solutions and Emerging Apps for Co-ops & Condos.” This seminar will focus on enabling technologies to help co-ops and condos run  more efficiently. Attendees will learn how to manage their digital lifestyles  more easily with applications seamlessly integrated through their favorite  virtual or mobile device, and hear about deployment of FiOS services in their  buildings.  

 From 12:30-1:30 p.m., Attorneys David J. Byrne, Esq. and Stephen M. Lasser, Esq.  of the law firm of Stark & Stark will offer “Improving and Safeguarding Buildings & Communities: Drafting Policies, Enforcing Rules & Resolving Conflicts.” The panel will discuss successful, innovative-but-proven strategies for rule  creation and enforcement, and alternative dispute resolution will be debated as  well.  

 From 1:45-2:45 p.m., Orest Tomaselli of National Condo Advisors, LLC will  discuss the consulting and condominium project approval services that they  provide to builders, developers, investors and HOA management. Rounding off the  day from 3:00-4:00 p.m., Steven Geller of Meridian Capital Group, LLC will  present "Underlying Co-op Financing in 2010" exploring the various multifamily  loan products available for the cooperative and condo marketplace in today’s challenging lending landscape. This conversation will help attendees learn  about all the options available today, and how best to find the perfect  solution to your co-op or condominium mortgage needs. Seminars run around an  hour in length, and frequently draw standing-room-only crowds, so come in and  claim a seat early.  

 In addition to the educational seminars, the 2010 Expo brings back the  always-popular free advice booths, where building administrators and civilians  alike can bring their burning questions to an industry professional for  guidance and advice. Whether you're a manager with a particularly sticky  staffing situation in one of your buildings, or a shareholder who's butting  heads with your board, the advice booths are an opportunity to pick the brain  of a seasoned professional – off the clock and free of charge. While attorneys represent the majority of  advice contributors, a schedule roster is posted in the Advice Booth area  listing the other professionals who will be on hand at different points during  the day, all day long.  

 While You're Here...

 There are plenty of other exciting activities to partake in at the Co-op & Condo Expo. The grand prize this year is the Reserve Fund prize giveaway,  courtesy of The Cooperator and Yale Robbins, Inc. One attendee will win a  $3,500 contribution to their building's reserve fund. The winner will be drawn  at random after registration has closed, and a check for the winnings will be  made payable to the winner’s building care of their management company. Only board members qualify to enter  the reserve fund drawing, and attendance at the Expo is required for  eligibility. For complete details on how to enter the reserve fund drawing, go online at  www.coopexpo.com.  

 Guests needing nourishment, access to e-mail, or just a comfortable place to sit  down and look over the array of information they've accumulated from the  plethora of vendors are cordially invited to drop by the Expo's  conveniently-located food court and cyber-cafe.  


 The annual Co-op & Condo Expo is really more than just a trade show. It's a venue where all  members of the residential real estate community – board members to boiler repairmen, attorneys to apartment owners – can meet, interact, and network across their various industries and  disciplines, all under one roof.  

 For more information on who is exhibiting at the show or to register for this  one-of-a-kind event online, please visit our website at www.coopexpo.com.    

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