Telecom Options for Co-ops and Condos Wiring Your Building

 It’s been a long time since cable modems were the gold standard in Internet  connectivity—or at least it seems like it’s been a long time. Telecommunications as a field has been developing at a  dizzying pace, and multifamily buildings—both new developments and existing properties—face the challenge of providing residents with fast, reliable, Wi-Fi and other  telecom-related services.  

 Like a good restaurant, the telecommunications menu is filled with a variety of  choices. What management chooses for the building, or what residents choose for  their own units, depends on a variety of factors, including the location of the  building, pricing of the packaging, special features, etc.  

 For example, the menu consists first of several big players including Time  Warner Cable, RCN, Verizon, Cablevision, and companies such as Natural Wireless  and DirecTV, but they all cover a variety of areas.  

 For example, RCN’s network extends to the Upper West, Upper East, Lower West and Lower East sides  of Manhattan, most of Queens and is select Brooklyn neighborhoods. According to  Verizon FiOS, they have services available throughout New York City. Cablevision covers all of the Bronx, two-thirds of Brooklyn, northern New  Jersey, Westchester and Fairfield counties and Long Island. They do not have  service in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and the remaining one-third of  Brooklyn.  

 Time Warner Cable, Cablevision and RCN offer their own TV and Internet services  over their cable infrastructure, but it’s based on isolated areas of their specific agreements. According to Bobby  Amirshahi, vice president of communications for Time Warner Cable's New York  City operations, "We have a dedicated team serving co-op and condo buildings  throughout New York and New Jersey. We provide customized packages of TV,  Internet, and phone for buildings with 100 to 150 residential units, and can  offer bulk pricing for as few as 25 to 40 units."  


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  • Now, in apartment complexes, residents are often mandated to pay $40. for cable even if they do not want it in order to rent in the complex. This is a growing problem, initiated by Time Warner Cable and continuing to be a problem. It appears they have eliminated any competition in their contracts with apt owners as you can see in the MAAvsFCC suit which highlights the issue with apt tenants being so upset about the mandate, dictate, or whatever you want to call it.
  • verizon is using my building's lobby to sell its services with the approval of the board. Isn't this against zoning regulations? I am adverse to walking into a lobby where vendors are selling items. Is there any legal recourse? Is this consistent with zoning regulations?