Determining the Value of Your Apartment Before Selling It Some Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Condo or Co-op

You should consult a broker when consider appraising your home before a sale (iStock).

The age-old adage about real estate is that there are three major factors in determining its value: “location, location, location.”  While that may or may not be true, and location aside, a smart seller has to price an apartment right to sell quickly and at a fair price.

Perhaps the starting point is to understand the basis upon which value, which can ultimately be translated to offering price, is based.  Real estate appraisal is based on three approaches to determining value, though not all three will be appropriate to any given property:

Income appraisal is most commonly and uniformly used for income producing properties such as rental buildings or even a three-family home.  Cost appraisal is most commonly used for specialty properties such as a freestanding movie theater.  Comparable sales is the approach most commonly used for homes, including co-op and condominium apartments.

Comparing Your Unit to Others

The basis of the comparable sales approach is really quite simple.  The seller, or the seller’s agent who is usually a qualified, experienced real estate broker, looks at sales of similar units and makes adjustments for such things as views, interior finishes, and time-since sale.  This approach is most reflective of the market at any given time.

Dorothy Somekh, an associate broker with Halstead Property in New York City, suggests the following. “First of all, compare your listing to the most recent sales of the past three months.”  The best comparable is another apartment in your ‘line.’  Another apartment in your line is for all intents and purposes a copy of yours with the same layout, same building amenities, etc.  The differences in fixtures and other factors such as views resulting from differing floors can be easily accounted for.  If there aren’t any recent sales in your ‘line,’ you can look at other apartments in your building or in similar buildings in your neighborhood and make the appropriate adjustments.


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