Electric Car Charging Stations: Your Newest Amenity? How to Manage the Growth of All-Electric Cars

Though the price of gas has fallen recently, so has the price of electric cars.  And unlike gasoline, electric cars are only going to get cheaper. As they become more widespread, and more and more people begin to go green in all parts of their lives, co-op and condo boards will have to facilitate the changes needed by their individual buildings. Among the trickiest part could be providing parking for electric cars.

“The facilities need to be adapted to accommodate them. In other words, you got to run new electrical lines,” says Rudy Fusco, president of Deer Park-based Mr. Parking Lot.

Unfortunately adapting a parking garage so that electric cars can charge is not quite as simple as running extension cords out from wall sockets. A fair amount of planning is required to make sure that things go smoothly.

Spaced Out

“One of the biggest challenges we try to overcome are space issues. In condos, there’s limited parking and each space is associated with the owner. To avoid future costs for the condo association is to avoid each owner putting a station into their parking lot. What we like to do is have one station service multiple people. So the first thing I do when I get on the phone is ask them what their parking situation is. So if it’s open parking or free parking, we’ll try and work around that,” says Sason Gabay, the Eastern regional sales executive at CarCharging Group, a nationwide provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services.

The CarCharging Group has partnered with Related Cos., to install EV stations in their multifamily residential properties throughout Manhattan in the Meatpacking District, West Village, Greenwich Village, Tribeca, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Midtown East, Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, Upper Manhattan, as well as the Bronx Terminal Market.


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