Getting Wired Adding High-Tech Capability and Value

In restaurants. On the street. In taxicabs and elevators. Technology is everywhere and its presence seems to be growing with each passing day. It's everywhere, and it assists us with just about everything. As we become more reliant on its capabilities, its presence has become more of a necessity than a luxury in today's modern home.

Today's co-op and condominium boards are paying attention to the technology boom, taking their buildings to the next level of cutting-edge capabilities, matching strides with the growing number of internet, cable, phone and wireless options flooding the home market. More and more new co-op and condo buildings are being constructed with not only the latest in today's technologies, but with an awareness of what tomorrow might bring, rigging each floor with enough cable and wire to handle whatever the communications industry can dream up five or even ten years from now.

Gizmos, Gadgets and the Cool New Toys

So what's getting everyone excited these days? Major players in the entertainment and communications industry such as Time Warner Cable and Verizon have plenty of cool gadgetry up their sleeves. From Internet telephone service to satellite dishes to technologies that allow users to combine all their communication devices into one easy to manage system - the choices seem almost endless and a little difficult to get a handle on.

Certainly all the teenagers out there know what's what in the latest trends, but for the rest of us, some time spent researching options would be a wise investment. Surf the Internet. Read the latest technology magazines. Ask friends and neighbors. It's all about quality, price and service and with so much competition among the major players, there's no reason to settle for less than what you want.

Major companies are focusing on upgrading in home communication and entertainment services. Verizon President Ivan Seidenberg, at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, noted that "maybe the most significant shift of all is that the connected PC - equipped with "˜always-on' broadband and wireless home networks - is making the move from the office to the kitchen and the family room, reflecting its increasingly central role at the heart of daily life."


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