Hot or Cold? Proper Approaches in Treating Bedbug Infestation

 No, it’s not the Katy Perry song, “first you’re hot and then you’re cold,” but treating a bedbug infestation can be just as opposing and confusing as the  romantic relationship in that popular song. Do I go with the pest control  company bedbug treatment that cooks ‘em alive or the company that freezes them into popsicles?  

 First, always call a pest control professional to deal with a bedbug problem.  Only a pest control professional has the specialized equipment for either the  heat or freezing methods, the approved and licensed pesticides—and the expert knowledge of how to use them safely, and to locate and eliminate  bedbugs.  

 Then the areas of bedbug infestation have to be determined. Beside a basic  visual inspection of mattresses, bed frames, carpets, night stands, behind wall  decorations, and other places where bedbugs are known to hide there are  alternative means of detecting bedbug locations within an area—both include the method of “sniffing” them out. The most popular and proven effective method is using a certified  bedbug dog, with an experienced handler. Dogs can sniff out a scent as faint as  500 parts per trillion and can detect a bedbug within a room in minutes, down  to within a couple of inches. An electronic sniffing device has recently been  developed to sense the presence of the CO2 signature emitted from bedbugs after  a blood meal.  

 This product is indeed a revolutionary advancement, but its ability to locate  bedbug eggs and those that have not fed recently is in question. Plus there is  the question of the effective comparison of which method, dog versus machine is  better. There is no question regarding the effectiveness of dogs to locate just  about anything by their sense of smell. Not only have they been proven  effective in the field finding drugs and explosives, but in scientific studies  dogs were also able to detect someone with diabetes or with some forms of  cancer; and unlike a machine’s setting, dogs have intelligence and can continually make evaluations and  determinations resulting in an almost perfect 99 percent plus accuracy rate.  Dogs are the current industry standard.  

 After locating the area of infestation, a physical removal of visible bedbugs  from an infested area is required by both manual and deep vacuum means. Then  comes the methods of treating the bedbug infestation, there are two: both  include an application of a residual pesticide, then comes the choice—with heat or by freezing.  


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