Let's Talk Board Resources Help is Out There

Community Associations Institute rep Cheryl Murphy discusses how professional organizations can help make boards' job easier.
Whether you're a board member in a New York City high-rise or a sprawling HOA in suburban Chicagoland or New Jersey, there are organizations out there that can help you and your fellow community administrators be more effective, efficient, and confident in your leadership. CAI is one such resource - hear what rep Cheryl Murphy has to say about how boards can learn more, and do more. 

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  • What are the recent cases where sponsors were forced to sell? Our co op had a large number of sponsor rented units. The sponsor consistently refuses to sell and is rude and unprofessional. And there are two spoonsors on our board. We don't know who resides in our co op. They refuse to provide us with any information and refuse to sell. For years, they managed and controlled & neglected the property and now we are paying for it. Any suggestions??