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Real Estate Trends
Brooklyn's High-Rise Rental Glut

Downtown Brooklyn’s housing boom isn’t letting up – but how much new residential construction is too much? Anyone who passes through the Flatbush and Atlantic Avenue corridors has seen the changes; not just the buildings growing skyw…

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In a flurry of activity last December, many local news organizations, including The New York Times , Crains, and CBS local news ran stories about the overwhelming number of scaffolds surrounding buildings in all five boroughs of New …

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Law & Legislation
Signs of the Times

Regardless of one's political affiliation or viewpoints, fact is that the election of Donald Trump to the office of President has inspired what those in the media refer to as 'takes,' from all sides of the political and philosophical spectr…

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Before You Hire a Landscape Architect...

Hiring any type of professional is a delicate process - but when your building or HOA's curb appeal is in the balance, choosing the right pro for the job is crucial to maintaining value and keeping trees, plants, flowerbeds, and other lands…

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