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On The Board
So You Want to Serve on the Board

New York was a city of renters until the mid-1970’s, when the trend towards  co-op and condominium ownership began.  Prior to that, most residents chose to live here because it was the Big Apple and for the anonymity it afforded.  Unlike sm…

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Board Member 101
Help Us Help You

Serving on your building or HOA's board isn't easy -- particularly if your background is short on administrative experience. In this clip, some industry pros who work with boards every day give us some insight into what they wish more board…

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Law & Legislation
Doing it the Right Way

In smaller buildings and associations, it's tempting for boards to do business and make decisions based on goodwill and a handshake -- board members may have been serving for decades, and know each other like family. Tempting or not however…

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Community Living
Withholding Your Maintenance Payments

Conflicts between both unit owners and their co-op or condo, or between neighbors, can get ugly pretty quickly. Often due to many considerations--in particular the slow pace of anything in common-interest properties and the general reluctan…

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