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How Important is D&O Insurance?

Every board knows how important it is to have adequate, up-to-date insurance coverage to protect their community from liability, disaster, and other expensive situations -- but what about board members themselves? Directors & Officers (D&O)…

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Resolving Conflicts

Even the most laid-back, harmonious community will periodically experience conflicts -- maybe between board members, between neighbors, or between residents and the board. Resolving these issues without litigation or lingering acrimony is k…

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Board Member 101
Help Us Help You

Serving on your building or HOA's board isn't easy -- particularly if your background is short on administrative experience. In this clip, some industry pros who work with boards every day give us some insight into what they wish more board…

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Law & Legislation
Doing it the Right Way

In smaller buildings and associations, it's tempting for boards to do business and make decisions based on goodwill and a handshake -- board members may have been serving for decades, and know each other like family. Tempting or not however…

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